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VERNISOL is a long-established company in the field of road marking paint manufacturers. The main reasons for the success of VERNISOL are keeping up with the evolving market with continued research of new products and understanding of customer needs. Today, our company is able to offer a wide range of products in different sectors. High quality products and reliability due to careful selection of raw materials and constant checks of our paint.

Our laboratory has been designed to facilitate testing of the products currently in the catalogue and develop new formulas to meet the market trends and evolving standards. In 2005, Vernisol acquired the society Verital situated in Leinì (Turin) incorporating it in October 2008. Verital was historically known for the production of traffic paint with enormous experience in the methacrylates sector (MMA / cold plastic) and thermoplastic. Vernisol plants extends on an area of about 8.000 sq.m. in Codogno and about 1.500 sq.m in Leinì.


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