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Quick dry synthetic enamel, different kinds gloss, semi-gloss, matte
Quick dry phenolic finish suitable for over spray
Quick dry nitrosynthetic finish, isocyanate additional
Nitro gloss and matt or pounding effect enamels
Nitro electrostatic finishes
Semi-gloss primer and finish for chassis
Waterborne gloss or semi gloss finishes
Gloss or matt enamels applicable by brush
Mono-component bituminous black paint
Silicone acrylic finish
Silicone finishes resistant up to 200 ° c
Aluminum finishes resistant up to 200 ° c 400 ° c 600 ° c
Transparent protection for brass alloys
Gloss, semi-gloss, matt polyurethane finishes with embossed effect
Gloss and semi-gloss acrylic-polyurethane finish, one coat on aluminum alloy
Gloss semi-gloss matt epoxy finish with embossed effect
Epoxy vinyl finish
Enamels for polystyrene